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Specialists in linear solutions

Range of Nadella needle bearings.
Range of Nadella needle bearings.

From the rail to the bearing and the actuator, nadella represents a qualified partner to satisfy the most different application requirements in the mechanical transmission sector.

Present in Italy with its own branch since 1963, Nadella can boast even greater European and world experience. It was in fact established in France in 1930 as manufacturer of roller bearings but it is with the successive setup of the Italian and German (in 1958) subsidiaries that it started the production diversification and then the birth of the linear guide systems that today constitute the core business of the Group.
«A growth – specifies the managing director Livio Marchiori – that means today a consolidated reality with about 200 employees in Italy, in Germany, in USA and China, with a diffused sale network worldwide, both with its own sale engineers and with specialized distributors. For a turnover amounting to about 45 million Euros, of which 40% in the home market and almost 50% in Germany».
Over the years the company has been part of important industrial Groups, but it became independent long time ago and it started a new development course, based on the great potentialities of this business, on the design and production experience and a wide and fidelized customer portfolio.

Mr Livio Marchiori, managing director of Nadella Italia.
Mr Livio Marchiori, managing director of Nadella Italia.

From r&d to the product quality
«Our main products – adds Mr Marchiori – range from linear rails to needle and roller bearings, from linear actuators to telescopic rails, universal joints and energy-absorbing steering columns, precision metal rings and joint heads, ball sleeves».
Design and production are not only limited to standard catalogue products but witness the company’s propensity to propose specific original solutions for the various applications granting performance and/or cost advantages in comparison with standard solutions.
«We are present – goes on Marchiori – in the main industrial sectors including the manufacturers of machine tools, sheet metal, marble and glass processing machinery, the difficult iron metallurgy industry and the sector of the machine for the rubber production».
Product, process and service quality framed in a clear positioning oriented also to internationalization. This to grant everywhere the availability of the proposed solutions and of the technical support. In this context the subsidiaries in USA and China, with skilled personnel employed locally, allow taking care of historical customers wherever they have started new productive activities, besides conquering new local clients.
«We have invested in application engineering – adds Mr Marchiori – and this allows us to enhance the pre- sale service, offering technical support starting from design phases. In the other Countries we instead avail ourselves of a qualified distributor network constantly trained by the Italian and German branches».
Lavished investments and commitment concern also R&D, with the constant upgrading and widening of the product range, new projects and the search for technologically performing materials for the various applications; research that avails itself of the collaboration of Milan Polytechnics that then results in product novelties.
«We have so developed – states Marchiori – a whole range of stainless steel curved rails, Multi-Motion-Line, which until few years ago were available only in steel or upon demand, with very long delivery terms. Today we can supply them in few days, with possible customization. Also to serve demanding customers that even autonomously manufacture rail components with often enormous times and costs».

Exemples of rolls designed and developed by Nadella.
Exemples of rolls designed and developed by Nadella.

Applications and strategies
The diversified production by Nadella allows developing applications in all productive sectors.
«In particular – further adds Mr Marchiori – we are consolidating our presence where the combination of heavy loads with high kinematics often occurs, like in foundry, in the glass production, in heavy lifting, in the marble and stone working».
They are particularly challenging situations due to the particular environmental conditions and allowing the company to be awarded by the choice of its customers, also thanks to the capability of creating specific solutions.
«Referring to the iron metallurgy industry – states Mr Marchiori – we are widening the range of systems called Rolbloc».
In this context, what is the short-medium term strategy for the company?
«Over the last few years notable efforts – ends Mr Marchiori – have also been made in the productive reorganization, with huge investments in machines and software that have allowed improving the service standards as well as the whole supply-chain, besides reducing delivery terms, both standard and customized».
In this ambit Nadella highly bets on human resources: in countertendency in comparison with several Italian industrial realities, over the years it has increased its staff with the engagement of skilled young employees, developing all functional areas. Of good omen to go on looking at the future and further growing.

Nadella's rails and linear actuators.
Nadella’s rails and linear actuators.

At the service of the iron and steel industry
For the iron metallurgy sector Nadella is widening its range of Rolbloc systems: they are pads that adopt rolls with outer diameter ranging from 215 to 280 mm, sliding on the hardened tracks of GU 120-mm rails. The rolls have a contact profile that allows tolerating misalignments and inaccuracies of steel structural works and by means of the shaft they are fastened to the prismatic steel body obtained from the solid.
This design, initially conceived to satisfy specific requirements, was then widened with the development of the new BL models. They increase the range up to a maximum loading capacity for each single pad of 540,000 N referring to BL 2 280. The system is studied to operate in harsh environments, where the handled loads are extremely burdensome, with the presence of filth and machining rejects and where maintenance is actually “forgotten”.