Soraluce unveils its new generation


technology-days-2016_event-8With a total of over 800 European, American and Asian customers in attendance, Soraluce showcased its latest innovations and developments, under real machining conditions, by means of a Technology Tour where nine milling, boring and multipurpose machines were on display. During the tour, the capacities of each machine were illustrated with live demonstrations, which included impressive examples such as the use of the DAS technology that has recently been recognised as the Quality Innovation of the Year and taken the Best of Industry Award, along with the innovative DAS for tooling. The tour also included demonstrations of other technologies applied to Soraluce machines, aimed at improving productivity, precision and multipurpose, such as the dynamic CNC Ram Balance system (patented) and the Modular Quill system (patented), which interchanges the modular quill spindle with the machine’s other heads totally automatically, which allows for different quill spindles with different diameters and lengths. The Soraluce DHC new dynamic head calibration or the Adaptive Control feed adjustment system were in the spotlight on the tour.
Furthermore, Soraluce also showcased its latest development in automation systems to improve productivity and unattended machining, the multitasking solutions for large parts, gantry technology and the new Soraluce H100 and H200T heads for 5-axis machining and multitasking operations.
The new Soraluce generation is based on a comprehensive review of the machine from the perspective of the user, focusing on making the functioning more efficient and developing a Total Machine concept. This concept not only takes into account the machine, but also the entire work area. All the interactions of the operator with the different elements of the machine are analysed for an optimum application. The evolution in the design has made the machine easier to operate and maintain, with a safer and more ergonomic working environment for the operator. Soraluce was recently awarded the Red Dot 2016 award for this innovative design.

The Soraluce Smart Machines had a prominent position in the demonstrations that took place in the Technology Days 2016. These milling and boring machines include technological elements within the Industry 4.0 concept, which become a reality in a comprehensive monitoring package based on “cloud computing”. They include features such as the displaying of the machine status in real time with relevant information on the situation of the machining tooling in progress and the sending of emails in the case of a shutdown; the generation of reports on sensitive issues for the user such as production or process, such as energy consumption or the performance of the machining cycles; and the diagnosis of key warning signs for the maintenance of the facilities. This is all carried out by means of secure connections using a PC or any mobile appliance (smartphone, tablet) with simple web access to Internet.
25 years leading the German market
soraluce-fxrA quarter of a century has already passed since the setting up of Bimatec Soraluce, a commercial-technological venture that is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the satisfaction of having turn into reality the dream of progress that inspired its founders: to turn the German market into leaders and to offer groundbreaking solutions to its customers.
The Technology Days 2016 were also the chosen scenario for the global launch of the SORALUCE Academy. Soraluce is committed to fostering the knowledge and learning of its customers, associates, distributors, suppliers and employees through the Soraluce Academy.

Soraluce Academy is a place where customers can contact experts in different areas to share, learn and implement solutions and projects. Soraluce provides the means for our customers to consolidate their knowledge by means of a series of standalone seminars, workshops and master classes, specific for each industry and with the emphasis on the practical aspects.

To turn this training proposal into reality, SORALUCE has the necessary facilities, rooms for seminars, a heads laboratory, an R&D&I department and a research centre, along with rooms for seminars and testing teams at the Centre of Excellence in Limburg, Germany. SORALUCE organises this type of technological activities internationally with an annual programme where it shares knowledge and skills with the customers, by developing higher levels of know-how and use of the equipment (machines, tools, processes, etc.) that allow the customers to recognise the return on their equipment, enabling the customers to optimise the performance of their products or develop new machining solutions, with new technological developments, peripherals, etc., and improving the quality and scope of customer relations.

A first-rate service and the new monitoring tools are a reality with which we are working every day at Soraluce.

The Technology Days 2016 pTech provided a perfect set of opportunities for the Soraluce customers. Live technological demonstrations, a good number of workshops every day, the 25th anniversary celebrations and a comprehensive display of its service capacity illustrated in different case studies set out in detail. Soraluce tailors its work to the needs of each customer. It’s Services and Solutions Department develops comprehensive special project, by working closely with our R&D&I equipment and our research and development centre.