Shearing and drilling, a new patent


Specialized in the design and manufacturing of special normalized components for cold sheet metalworking dies, Essemec highlights a new die shearing-drilling unit, protected by Newstark patent.

One of the “pillars” on which rests the force of Newstark, registered brand of Essemec company, at Piombino Dese (PD), qualified partner for the design and production of compound, progressive and transfer dies for the shearing and cold forming of any kind of metal sheet, is constant innovation. To assure a high-quality product, the company pays utmost attention to customers’ technical and productivity requirements, through a technical support from the design phase to testing.


Pursuing constant improvement, Essemec has upgraded its metrological room with the purchase of a ZEISS measuring machine with 1000x1600x600 work range, which allows controlling the conformity to the tolerances demanded by customers, analysing laser samples and pre-series parts that are delivered with the relative dimensional certificates. Moreover, thanks to 2D and 3D scanning systems, the company can reproduce and execute the maintenance of existing dies. Due to its systematic Research & Development activity, the company succeeds in offering products and services of excellence and, at the 2019-edition of Blech Expo, it exhibits for the first time some new products, such as the innovative strip guide system and a patented punch- and die-holder system with adjustable position. «We will propose again our Rolls, some accessories that allow executing the simultaneous sheet metal bending and calibration, very successful in the European market, especially in Germany, in the last few years. The exhibition will be also the opportunity to present in preview our new Newstark catalogue and our new website» – informed us Armenio Scattolon, owner of Essemec.

Participation in the trade fair

«Blechexpo is an exhibition of international level –Scattolon states – in which we have always taken part, exhibiting normalized Newstark and always obtaining positive outcomes. In 2015, we presented for the first time also Essemec, company that designs and manufactures dies and that, due to its twenty-year experience in the engineering industry, has given birth to Newstark brand. The last edition gave us the opportunity of meeting new manufacturing realities for both brands, therefore it is even more due, for us, to attend again this edition. As we have widened our sale network both in Italy and abroad in the last few years, this is certainly a good chance to meet our commercial partners, to introduce 2019-novelties to them and to discuss with them the development of innovative solutions to deal with the new constantly evolving market requirements. We hope that also this year the turnout is the same as in previous editions and, considering the participation of a growing number of rising Countries, it is an opportunity to lay the bases for new collaborations».

A new die drilling and shearing unit

«Further witness of Essemec’s constant commitment to Research & Development – states Scattolon – is S.M.E.G. (Sloping Multi Equipped Group), a unit with high innovation content that features unique characteristics on the reference market panorama». Protected by Newstark patent, S.M.E.G. is a complex, efficient and multitasking group and its characteristic of primary importance consists in the capability of operating both as shearing and drilling unit for dies. It is a versatile, precise, compact and powerful tool; S.M.E.G. is equipped with a tool drawing system from the sheet metal through nitrogen integrated to the punch, which allows obtaining three-time higher power than what achievable by normal drawing systems of the same size and doubling the blank holder stroke, with clear productivity benefits. Another awarding feature is the extreme application versatility, due also to the possible inclination on two axes. Besides, the unit can house a miniaturized electronic device for the correct repositioning control, to be connected to the safety plant of the machine and of the equipment where S.M.E.G. is mounted. Worth highlighting also the presence of the mechanical safety release: an innovation that extends the product duration and applicative possibilities, while offering a high safety degree, both to the operator himself and of the die integrity, avoiding eventual damages in its inside.  «The innovative technological content of the solutions by Newstark goes hand in hand with customers’/end users’ productive efficiency requirements, then the die maker».

On show at Blechexpo Hall 4 / Stand 4215