Schuler’s ServoDirect Technology increases productivity of presses


schuler_servo-technologySchuler’s ServoDirect Technology enables manufacturers to significantly increase the output performance of their presses. The prerequisite, however, is that they fully exploit the possibilities of curve programming or the oscillating stroke and do not only operate their machines in eccentric mode like a conventional press with flywheel. Schuler Service provides on-site support for part suppliers around the world and helps them optimize their equipment. A team of experts from Schuler Service recently traveled to various part suppliers in China, for example, to provide support. It soon became apparent that the full potential of ServoDirect Technology was not known to everyone.

By optimizing the complete press system – including coil line, transfer system and die – output performance can be increased even further. And if other upstream and downstream processes are also considered, the entire production path from raw material to finished part storage can be improved. Schuler Service offers support to customers all over the world – so that their investment in ServoDirect Technology quickly pays off.