SCANLAB presents new basiCube 10 scan


SCANLAB_basiCube_10SCANLAB AG unveils a new compact scan system in laser-marking field: basiCube 10 scan whose head is specifically optimized for classic laser-marking requirements. Developed and manufactured in Germany, basiCube sports the newest technology and an exceptional price/performance ratio. These advantages and high dynamic performance add up to superior cost-effectiveness for equipment integrators and top laser-marking productivity for users.

basiCube 10 is a compact, high-quality standard solution for laser marking. Specifically optimized for basic marking applications, this new scan head is around 15% smaller than the SCANcube 10. Users gain a very-high-speed scan system perfectly tailored to their requirements, with a 10-mm aperture and laser-marking-optimized tuning. Moreover, basiCube possesses a solid price/performance ratio.

“When developing the new scan head, we focused first and foremost on customers’ wishes for an attractively-priced high-dynamics system with proven made-in-Germany quality and straight-forward integration,” explains SCANLAB CEO Georg Hofner.

The new scan head is available with silicon mirrors for three laser wavelengths. The most common deployment will likely be for 1064 nm fiber lasers. basiCube achieves 800 cps with good marking quality, thus setting new industry standards in the compact class. Furthermore, system efficiency is very high: at the same marking performance, less power is consumed, thereby substantially lowering (unwanted) heat transfer to electrical and mechanical components. This particularly benefits the system’s positional stability under load.

The new basiCube will debut live in March 2015 at Shanghai’s LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA tradeshow, and can be ordered worldwide at that time.