Save up to 30% off production costs with special tools



It is possible to save up to 30% off production costs? Yes, through machine tools optimization and mounting special tools capable of boosting their effectiveness and productivity.  Facts and not words: a case history. A petrochemical industry had to carry out a special front groove. A standard  core drill seemed to be the best solution. A single run to drill a groove. However, in case of constraints due to the lathe or the machining center stiffness or to the material to work, dedicated drills are the best solution.

Engineering department in CRM Mazzoccato developed a special drilling tool that can be used both for chipping and finishing, avoiding thus the need to switch between expensive different tools. It might seem simple, yet the need was to cope with special sizes totally dedicated to the specific production process. This enabled to carry out different front grooves of considerable sizes: a working zone of up to max 200 mm diameter, 30 mm radial cut width and 150 mm working depth. This confirms our mission: to stand as a most reliable and innovative technical partner for companies operating beyond national boundaries.