Rodogrip by Getecno, precision locknuts


Threaded precision locknuts Rodogrip are used to keep axial or angular bearings in correct position and anytime it’s necessary to have an highly accurately set shoulder, solidly positioned on threaded shafts.
Unlike so-called generic self-locking nuts, precision locknut have in fact a built-in tightening system and feature a much more accurate geometry, with max. run-out error (perpendicularity) from 0,002 mm to 0,005 mm, depending on the thread size. This is very important, especially when setting the clearance of axial bearings.

Once the unlocked locknut are easily screwed on the threaded shafts until the desired position, final locking action is obtained simply tightening the hex-socket set screws on the locknut body. Position can be checked before final tightening, when the set screws press on brass tip facing the threaded shaft; the brass tips are machined to match accurately the thread shape, there is no deformation of any component.
In this way locknuts stay very firmly on the shaft, without loss of form precision nor risk of slipping. Unlocking and re-setting are possible, easy and quick to perform.

Rodogrip locknuts come in different production series, in space saving constructions and no need of additional components as washers or counter nuts. The production range includes narrow and wide series with radial, slanted or axial tightening access, right- and left-hand locknuts and also stainless steel series. The European vendor, Getecno, keeps a broad inventory for prompt deliveries, from small thread M10 up to large thread M200.