Production of medium-big size transmission gears by Italian company Colzani Ingranaggi


The Italian company Colzani Ingranaggi is today a dynamic industrial reality that preserves its original craft features. It is the perfect fusion of accuracy, reliability and passion and it allows to supply a very big range of products. The beginning is the customer care from all points of view: technical support, short delivery time and high quality. The company is composed by 50 employees and it is specialized in the production of medium-big size transmission gears. Toothed wheels, grooved shafts, worm screws, racks, joints and bombed adapters for the most different sectors: steel, energy, food, sugar, …). Today the Group consists of three independent manufacturing units that operate synergistically.

The first is the headquarter in Mariano Comense (Como, Italy), where the executive offices are located and where it mainly executes internal and external gear cutting machining, grinding of teeth of medium-small size cylindrical gears and of gear cutting of grooved shafts with maximum working length of 5,300 mm. Besides, it carries out the milling and grinding of worm screw threads with ZK and ZI profile, cavity slotting and EDM. The second company (in Mariano Comense too) performs instead turning operations up to a maximum diameter of 1,200 mm and length of 5,000 mm, tooth grinding up to a diameter of 3,000 mm, by Niles and Hofler shape grinding machines. Using a grinding wheel with 80 mm-diameter there is the possibility to gring internal wheel of 400mm diameter. Finally, in the productive unit in Giussano (Monza Brianza, Italy), are installed big-size gear cutting machines, such as Pfauter P2300/A for gear cutting operations up to 3,000 mm diameter and 1,000 mm band, and those for bevel gears with straight toothing like Gleason 24 (900 mm diameter) and Modul 500 Zftk 500/2 for Coniflex 500 mm-toothing.