Presses for moulding sectors


oti presseOti Presse has worked for more than fifty years in the following moulding sectors: automotive, housewares, household appliances, metal packaging, hardware and in general for cold stamping and coining. Thanks to its young, dynamic and highly qualified staff it is able to offer pre- and post-sales service that is professional, fast and effective.
The manufacturing of transfer presses for the production of moulded, drawn, blanked and coinedparts is carried out in cooperation with a leading company in the industry that manufactures moulds and complete turnkey transfersystems, electronic power supplies and a broad range of mechanical and electronic transfer systems.

All mechanical presses produced by Oti Presse are EC marked, an indication from the manufacturer certifying certain types of products and their compliance or conformity with the essential requirements for sale and use within the European Union. Particular attention is given to the realization of machines for production in order to meet the highest safety standards. To reduce the noise of the pressing lines, the mechanical presses are equipped with protections including sound-absorbing material.

Oti Presse, as well as ensuring that operators are focused on safety issues, observes and complies with environmental protection criteria.