Plansee’s new molybdenum and tungsten sheets


planseePlansee High Performance Materials, which is part of the Plansee Group, now offers molybdenum and tungsten sheets in three separate categories. Not every application for molybdenum and tungsten sheets has the same material requirements. Plansee customers now have the opportunity to choose the perfect sheet for their application. The new quality levels are Economy, Standard, and Premium.

Plansee sheets are renowned for their exceedingly high quality. Sheets can be selected from a wide assortment in the webshop. Aside from the product assortment, customers care about the price. In order to be able to offer attractive prices, Plansee constantly invests in highly efficient machines and passes on cost advantages to customers. But that isn’t the end of it: Since customers should only pay for the quality they really need, we now offer three different categories for molybdenum and tungsten sheets.

Economy – The cost-efficient quality

The metallurgic, physical and chemical properties are pivotal for anticorrosive sheets, shielding plates for high temperature furnace construction, and applications which require the processing of the sheet surface. The surface on the other hand is subcritical for these kinds of applications. Thus, Plansee now offers Economy sheets in its webshop. These sheets may possess minor flaws on the surface, but meet the highest standards in terms of mechanical properties, purity and deformability. Plansee offers these sheets at the lowest price.

Standard – pickled and deep-drawable

Molybdenum and tungsten sheets in standard quality possess a pickled surface, free of any impurities, flaws, and imprints. In terms of purity and many more properties, the standard quality complies with the American ASTM-Standard. They are also deep-drawable and may be used for almost any application: evaporation boats for example are made out of standard quality sheets.

Premium – shiny sheets with exceedingly high surface finish quality.

Customers with high demands for the surface of a sheet are the target group for cold rolled molybdenum and tungsen sheets in premium quality. Premium sheets are deep-drawable and their metallurgic physical specification corresponds to that of the standard quality. The difference between premium- and standard quality is most evident in the roughness of the surface. The premium quality distinguishes itself with a shiny surface and a surface roughness of less than ≤ 0,20 μm. Especially for companies in the electronic industry the surface plays a critical role. For instance, premium sheets are used for boats for growing sapphires, or for the production of tube parts for analogous radio tubes.