PARTsolutions goes mobile


unnamedThe mobile app version of CADENAS Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is available to both Apple and Android users. With this new app, it is possible to visualize the PARTsolutions system environment on a smartphone or tablet. Thus, it is the first and only app that makes self-designed, standard and supplier parts combined with ERP and CAD data available for mobile devices.

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions has been effectively supporting engineers and purchasers for a long time in finding standard, supplier and self-designed parts in the company in an intelligent way, reducing them, avoiding duplicate copies and thus saving costs. To have PARTsolutions at hand also in meetings, CADENAS new app offers a great amount of new features:

With the PARTsolutions app the planning phase for products also gets easier. Already during project-planning meetings, engineers can look for suitable parts on the tablet or smartphone. Finding components becomes very fast and simple: the app has extensive intelligent search methods, like the Geometric Similarity Search or the search with a 2D sketch. Components can be found and compared with each other very quickly and easily with CAD geometry. For this, respective self-designed, standard and supplier parts are shown in a 3D preview.

Moreover, users can also call up ERP information such as price, availability, etc. from systems like SAP. The mobile access of the PARTsolutions app to data of the company’s own parts management is enabled by using the PARTapplication server for apps.

The new PARTsolutions app is available for the operating systems Android™ and iOS™ and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store: