Okuma launches LB3000 EX II Shaft Work Specialist (DBC 1300)


OKUMA-LogoIn recent years there has been a growing trend towards machine workpieces longer than 1000 mm, and the demand for improved threading productivity has also increased. Specifically designed to improve the productivity of long shaft applications, Okuma added a new model with 1300-mm distance between centres to its flagship LB3000 EX II Space Turn series of CNC lathes.
The LB3000 EX II lathe is the ideal machine for long, slender jobs and was developed to handle applications up to DBC 1300-mm. By mounting a freely moving follower rest to a simple 1-saddle lathe and by utilising Machining Navi T-g, 2-saddle equivalent productivity is achieved. Machining Navi T-g – a new function that enhances Okuma’s Machining Navi by suppressing chatter for long parts – maximises productivity for threading applications.

LB3000 EX II provides ø5- µm machining dimensional accuracy per 8° change in room temperature. Due to the machine’s high turning capacity, this precision comes without a loss in speed. This blend of accuracy and performance is what enables the LB3000 EX II to continually meet the machining demands for a variety of industries.

The machine is equipped with an NC controlled follower rest. The self-travelling unit is able to move with the cutting position, thus enabling the machine to turn very long components. The operator is able to control follower rest travel at will, which drastically improves productivity for 1-saddle lathes. The LB3000 EX II, in combination with Machining Navi T-g, grants operators unparalleled flexibility when machining parts for the oil and energy industries as well as parts intended for construction or farming.