New welding carriages from Lorch increase performance


loch-trac-wheelLorch offers a comprehensive new solution that enables especially mid-sized industrial enterprises to implement welding tasks in a highly cost-effective and efficient manner. Lorch bundles its automation activities in Lorch Automation Solutions (LAS). The products offered by LAS now include a new family of welding carriages that are ideal for long, continuous weld seams.

“More than 80 percent of the total costs of welding are caused by wages and material. Automation not only allows substantial savings, but also improves quality and counteracts the growing problem of lack of qualified personnel,” concludes Justin Geraerds, who is in charge of LAS at Lorch.

The welding carriages of the first group presented by Lorch in its new line of automation products enable a continuous perfect weld seam together with substantial energy and time savings: Trac Wheel, Trac Wheel Pro and Trac Rail. While the basic requirement for precise torch guidance is the same for all carriages, the individual applications have additional requirements that are optimally fulfilled by the extensive line of welding carriage accessories.

The very compact Trac Wheel, with its robust lightweight aluminium construction weighing only 8 kg, is designed for easy handling and is ideal for high-quality horizontal and vertical longitudinal and curved seams. A four-wheel drive system with magnetic traction and active control provides for a stable welding speed in all positions and the 3D torch adjustment ensures an optimal torch setting. The Trac Wheel is used especially for welding long support structures, such as in the construction of trailers, rail vehicles and ships, and welding of large containers such as truck, oil and water tanks. Even concave and convex curved seams on large containers are no problem. The Trac Wheel HS (High Speed) version is ideal for fast welding and plasma cutting; the battery powered version Trac Wheel Batt offers increased flexibility for welding tasks in tank construction.lorch-trac-wheel-pro

In addition to the features of the Trac Wheel, the Trac Wheel Pro version also allows programming and storage of up to 40 welding programs, with and without oscillation. The welding processes can also be adapted through flexible adjustment of the total weld seam length, segment length, distance between welds and other parameters. An optional upgrade is available with a radial oscillator unit for producing weave welds and seams with larger dimensions, as well as compensating for positioning deviations. Programming and storage of the welding processes enables exact reproduction of the weld seam geometry, preventing expensive oversize seams and consumption of filler material.

lorch-trac-rail-proLorch facilitates welding of long, continuous butt and fillet welds with the rail welding carriages Trac Rail and Trac Rail Pro. The rails, which can be equipped with magnetic or vacuum mounting in flexible or rigid versions, make it possible to define the welding path independently of the workpiece geometry. Slip-free motion due to a rack and pinion drive guarantees optimal welding results. Typical applications include truck trailers, fuel tanks and pressure vessels, as well as bridge, steel and ship construction. The Trac Rail Pro version with an integrated oscillator unit likewise allows weld seams with a larger volume and also facilitates compensation of positioning deviations.


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