New Walter Machining Calculator app


walter-machining-calculatorTools & More app renamed Machining Calculator. Walter is launching its app “Tools & More” as a desktop version for Windows PCs. New features include an optimised user interface, a print and export function and also the name: “Machining Calculator”.

The “Tools & More” app can be used to precisely calculate a full range of cutting data for milling, drilling or turning, including torque, drive power, machining volume or main time, main cutting force and chip thickness. It has been online since 2011, and since then it has been downloaded over 50,000 times from the app stores iTunes or Google Play.

The integrated viability calculator also enables an uncomplicated comparison of two tool solutions in terms of savings and spare machine capacity. Walter has now reacted to requests from customers to be able to use these functionalities on PCs as well on smartphone. The online variant is integrated into the Walter website and can therefore be used on all operating systems. The offline variant can be downloaded from the website and installed on a Windows PC. Programming in HTML5 guarantees a uniform look & feel on different displays. The size of screen windows can be adjusted in both variants. The print function and the option to export the calculated cutting data in csv format, for example for an import into Excel, are new.

“Our machining calculator runs on all modern browsers and works for all users of metal cutting tools,” explains Bernhard Weihermüller, e-Marketing & Sales Support team leader at Walter AG.