New turning tools for stainless steel


Wipers groupWith the latest addiction of a new chip breaker and wiper inserts, Pramet’s range of turning tools for stainless steel has been extended. The NMR chip breaker provides a reliable option for longitudinal and face turning with high stock removal in medium and roughing operations.

This new geometry further enhances Pramet’s range of double-sided chip breakers for all turning stainless steel applications, which already includes NM for medium turning and NF for finishing to medium turning. NMR’s positive geometry offers increased reliability through its strong cutting edge, which features a protective peripheral land. It is ideal for heavy machining and less stable conditions, with higher metal removal rates and predictable insert behavior providing increased tool life and productivity.

The NMR chip breaker is available for many types of Pramet inserts, including CNMG, DNMG, SNMG and TNMG. Meanwhile, Pramet has also launched a new range of wiper inserts for turning.

Compared with standard inserts, the W-FM and W-NM wipers promote increased productivity by supporting higher feeds, as well as high quality machined surface, due to its new wiper edge.

In straight turning and facing operations, the smoothing effect of the wiper results in improved quality of surface roughness. If used properly, it can prevent the need for additional grinding operations, saving further costs.

Single-sided positive inserts with the W-FM positive geometry are suited to machining stainless steel and steels. The double-sided negative inserts with the W-NM highly positive geometry are ideal for machining stainless steel and low carbon steels.

Both feature a positive front land which further promotes smooth machining.