New synthesis plate rolling machines


APERTURAThe industrial Group MG creates solutions for all requirements of industrial sheet metal working, with working height from 200 to 8000 mm, for sheet metal thicknesses from 1 to 300 mm. MG production includes hundreds of models: bending machines, variable-axis machines, 2, 3 and 4 roll sheet metal bending machines. MG is a manufacturer specialized in higher-power machines, a global growing market in which we have invested with continuous improvements. Our technology extends to peripheral equipment (loading, unloading and handling systems of plates) as well as to the automation on machine board. Moreover, we have developed our original CNC for plate rolling and bending machines. With MG, it is possible to machine automatically each calculable profile of the bulb base: circular, oval, open-jointed, elliptical, polycentric shape.

The new Synthesis plate bending machines have the same characteristics as our most successful models, but with the advantage of grouping all that is valid on three-roll bending machines and all the advantages of four-roll solutions.
On the three-roll bending machine, it is not possible to mount a CNC, since without a pinching roll (the fourth roll). It is not possible to obtain the machine “0”, then you are not certain that the programme is correctly executed, the plate might slide. On Synthesis machine this problem does not occur, thanks to the lower central roll that ascends and pinches the plate.
On 4-roll machines, in calibration phase, the central inferior roll remains completely low, therefore (in calibration) only the upper one remains powered. On the contrary, on the new Synthesis bending machine, MG customers are always in the optimal condition with three motoring rolls (upper and lateral).
Three-roll versions are often better for conical bending and with the Synthesis machine you can achieve precisely the same conditions. The operator who executes the bending lowers the central roll and works with three powered (upper and lateral) rolls. Finally, perfect trouble-free tapers.

With traditional machines (both Turkish and Italian), customers sometimes complain that, in entry phase on three-roll models, the plate must be bent, with consequent sliding risk. This does not happen on the hydraulic bending machine Synthesis, since the machine is a 4-roll model under all respects, then in entry phase the sheet metal remains flat.

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