New resistance welding systems


Custom, automated resistance welding systems will be provided by Innovative Laser Technologies, Inc. (ILT), a globally recognized supplier of advanced laser systems for use in high-precision manufacturing.
“Resistance spot welding has typically been a manual operation,” says ILT Project Manager Jim Jacklen. “Automating this process, in a manner similar to automated laser welding systems, can be of great benefit where throughput, accuracy and process repeatability are critical.”

ILT’s new resistance welding systems were heavily tested in house. Three working systems were ultimately delivered to a medical device manufacturer for integration into production. Jacklen says that those three systems are working well. “We want people to know we have this capability,” he says,“We’ve done it, and we’ve been successful”.

In some cases, laser and resistance welding applications can be used interchangeably, says Jacklen. But that is not always the case; some materials and part designs will benefit greatly from one type of welding application over the other. “We view resistance welding as an adjacent capability—not one that displaces laser welding systems,” Jacklen says.

The new resistance welding systems utilize ILT’s proprietary control software, HMI-2200, which is highly regarded in the industry. HMI-2200 allows for complete control of the various software and hardware components integrated into a system and can control all of these elements from one interface, giving machine operators improved efficiency and control.

“Our software and our service have always set us apart,” says Jacklen, “and both come with every system we build—including those with resistance welding capabilities”.