New products from Lorch


Fig2_S-SpeedPulse-DisplayThe new S-series engineered by Lorch is taking MIG-MAG welding to a whole new level of excellence. Lorch’s flagship product now boasts a new patented control technology named SpeedPulse XT that is combined with variable arc length control and a dynamic control, which allows for a type of pulse welding that produces highly individual results with next to no spatter. Lorch’s latest S-series offers MIG-MAG welding performance that is second to none.

The significantly improved welding characteristics of the new S-series can be attributed to Lorch’s innovative SpeedPulse XT welding process, which is based on highly advanced and patented control technology and marries the process with all benefits the existing SpeedPulse procedure has to offer. Apart from producing higher welding speeds, the new enhancements allow SpeedPulse XT to afford the operator a welding process that is much smoother and more comfortable and which, first and foremost, produces must less spatter. The clearly reduced amount of spatter cuts down the need for rework to the absolute minimum. Another major advantage of the new S-series with SpeedPulse XT: Thanks to the variable arc length control, the welder has better control over the pulse arc and can react much more easily to arising conditions, such as changing gap dimensions or arc blow, by changing the distance between torch and workpiece. This improved level of control allows the welder to master any welding challenge, including work in corners. Welding over tack welds will succeed every time and without any audible changes in frequency. The welder is also given the option to individually adjust the arc specifically for the starting, welding and end phases without having to change the current or wire feed.

Also optimised in the new S-series are all standard MIG-MAG welding programs as well as the reliable ignition of the system. Finally, the new and improved SpeedArc XT process refines the control across the entire adjustment range even further. A fourth innovation incorporated into the S-series is dynamic control, which has already been implemented with great success in Lorch’s Micor MIG series. This feature allows the welder, for the first time, to variably adjust a pulse welding machine to a wide range of jobs and welding positions as well as to his personal preferences. The welder can use a controller to directly access the arc characteristic and change it from soft to hard in a quick and easy manner.

The package is made complete by two additional cooling options that are primarily geared towards the requirements of Fig1_S-SpeedPulseindustrial users. One of these new Lorch cooling systems delivers a cooling output that is now up to 35% higher. This greater cooling capacity translates to a lower load on torch and wear parts as well as an overall improved welding performance. What is more, Lorch offers a larger pump for the new cooling systems that is designed for work at great heights and work with long interpass hoses. This pump now makes it a cinch to cover / overcome distances that require hose packages with a length of 20 metres or more and to complete even the most daunting welding challenges with superior efficiency and reliability.