New Products Catalogue 2016-2017: taps, dies and centering tools, specifically tailored on the European market needs


yamawa_tapsWith more the 900 pages, 15000 product items and a rich section dedicated to technical information, the new Yamawa catalogue is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. The focus is primarily on DIN standard tools to meet the requirement of the European market, but the catalogue features almost the entire production range of the Japanese manufacturer, including ANSI and JIS standard solutions. Among all the new products added to range with new catalogue, the following new DIN standard products are worth special mentioning:
The new high performance roll taps MHRZ for medium-hard steel;
The AU universal high performance taps family, now extended up to diameter 20mm for M and MF threads;
The MHSL taps for high performance tapping of through holes on medium-hard steel;
The AXE-HT taps for high performance tapping of die-cast aluminum.
The availability of DIN standard has extended now also to the carbide taps EH-CT for hardened steel (up to 55HRC) and UH-CT for hardened steel (up to 63 HRC) and to the whole range of high speed tapping solutions of the FAST and ULTRAFAST series. It is possible to get a printed copy of the new catalogue, by simply forwarding the request through the website at . An electronic version of the catalogue is also available on website, either for on-line consultation or in pdf format for download.

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