New products 2014 by RUBIS-PRECIS


New products 2014 by RUBIS-PRECISIn 2014, the french Group RUBIS-PRECIS / MICROPIERRE / HIGH TECH CERAM has developped new high precision mounted components as picture enclosed which are used in new High-Tech growing markets. The main high tech materials machined are Ceramic, Sapphire, Tungsten, Titanium, Molybde, Tantalum, Gold and Platinum. The main markets involved by such assemblies are medicine, aeronautics, space industry , electronics , analysis , scientific machines , laboratories, nuclear, optic industry and military. The assembly technology used is metallising+brazing and in some additionnal case laser welding, crimping, gluying and press-fitting.

The Group RUBIS-PRECIS / MICROPIERRE / HIGH TECH CERAM is presently the world leader for the supply of such high-tech assemblies in ultra hard materials+metals which enable to solve many difficult problems such as resistance against wear in difficult environments (military and submarine areas), insulation at high temperature or high voltage (aeronautic industry), low friction, ultra-vacuum (space ), infra-red (optic), resistance against corrosive medias (chemical industry).