New product lines at the Pack Expo in Chicago


expopack_5Parker Hannifin’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a motion-control technology supplier, displayed its MPW stainless “food-grade” servo motor at the Pack Expo in Chicago. These motors are designed to operate in harsh environments, where they are subjected to high-pressure and highly caustic wash-down environments.

Rugged servo features

Parker’s MWP food-grade servo motor is sealed and certified to IP69K wash-down requirements. Courtesy: Parker HannifinServo motor features include: winding potted directly into a 300 series stainless housing for maximum performance in a minimum package size; fewer seams on the housing to reduce the risk of any moisture seeping in; polished housing surface for quick, efficient wash down; sealed and certified to IP69K wash-down requirements using food-grade, anti-microbial, FDA 3 A seals; certified and listed to NSF/ANSI standard 169 (safe food handling).

Standard features

The standard features on servo motor model are: 230 V and 460 V power supply, integral 24 V brake option. There is high-resolution feedback for smooth operation with an absolute feedback option for the elimination of homing routines, in addition to plug-and-play replacement of other motors.

Programmable automation controller

Parker Automation Controller is a programmable logic controller providing machine logic, motion control, communications, and I/O capabilities. Courtesy: Parker HannifinThe Parker Automation Controller, a programmable automation controller (PAC), was on display at Pack Expo. It combines machine logic, signal handling, advanced high-speed motion, and visualization into one performance-driven solution. With EtherCAT communication for motion and I/O, in addition to the Parker Automation Manager IDE (integrated development environment), the controller provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with an intuitive environment for development with industry standard programming, machine-to-machine communication, and network connectivity to provide real-time information. PAC comes standard with a variety of onboard communication protocols, including an OPC Server, Modbus TCP, dual LAN networks, and options for EtherNet/IP, Profinet, and Profibus.

The controller is offered with three technology levels and two embedded visualization options.

Technology levels: IEC 61131 programming; IEC 61131 programming with PLCopen Motion Control; IEC 61131 programming with PLCopen Motion Control and CNC Robotics.

Embedded visualizations: wpress embedded, web-visualization for CNC (computer numerical control).


Parker Hannifin’s SensoNode offers various wireless sensors. Courtesy: Parker HannifinDeveloped and launched by Parker’s Quick Coupling Division, SensoControl includes the new SensoNode Mobile with Bluetooth, as well as electroactive polymer (EAP) technology.

With SensoNode Mobile, Parker pairs wireless monitoring and Bluetooth to provide consistent and accurate readings for pressure, temperature, and humidity levels within systems. It attaches to machinery and transmits the data to mobile devices, allowing the user to track and trend data in real time or via readouts.

“For a facility manager, SensoNODE means preventing downtime, and minimizing costly equipment repairs and lost revenue,” said Mario Calvo, business unit manager at Parker. “Taking steps to monitor your system’s performance goes a long way in keeping costs down and extending equipment life.”

Parker Hannifin is a diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.