New electric thread drill with reversing gear from Fein


FEINFein is launching GWP 10. The tool drills threads quickly and precisely, saving users time and money. Most threads needed in the metal processing industry are drilled at a very early stage of production using stationary tools with the aim of non-cutting workpiece assembly. Yet in small- and large-scale assembly there are still plenty of applications for Fein’s special power tool: for example, when recutting threads after galvanising, for new designs and modification work, for repairs and maintenance in in-house workshops or in the production of elements in metal construction. The new Fein thread drill produces M2 to M10 threads in one step. The integrated reversing gear developed by Fein automatically reverses the direction of rotation of the drilling spindle and does not have to be changed over manually – as with other drills or cordless drill/drivers. The drilling spindle exits the threaded hole at a speed of 680 rpm in a rapid return action. Fein’s GWP 10 thread drill thereby enables consistent, continuous working and is faster and more precise than cordless drill/drivers or other drills.