New coloring technology from Ampacet Corporation


fusion_fx_prnewswire_carnival_dzfxhgFusionFX masterbatch is the new tecoloring technology launched by The Ampacet Corporation. It will provide manufacturers of plastic injection molded products with some new options for color effects. The process blends one or more individual masterbatch colors together during the feeding and blending stage of the molding process. This mix is then fed into the injection mold with the virgin polypropylene plastic.

Some techniques for coloring injection molding products use dissimilar carrier resins that do not blend or bond well, which can sometimes diminish the physical properties of molded parts, making them brittle, for example. However, FusionFX maintains the physical properties of a part because the masterbatch is made of a compatible polyolefin resin.

The proprietary technology works by allowing the masterbatch to melt at a slower rate during the melting and extruding stage of the process. The result is a randomly color-flecked design that is consistent across a product line, but with no two products looking exactly alike. “Consistent inconsistencies,” said Doug Brownfield, Ampacet’s strategic business and marketing manager. “FusionFX enables mass customization and also ensures the physical properties of the part are maintained.”

There are currently four color palettes available, each with six color variations to suit a broad range of applications.

  • Carnival offers the look of brightly-colored confetti.
  • Cork imbues products with the appearance of wood.
  • Camouflage mimics natural environments.
  • GeoClassics gives plastic the visual look of stone.

Ampacet also offers a full product line of 14 colors across the ROYGBIV color spectrum, plus pearlescents and special effects, which offer greater options for customization. Applications are mainly in the manufacturing industry for consumer goods, including sporting goods, housewares, caps and closures, toys, personal care/cosmetic products, appliances, sports vehicles, accessories and outdoor furniture.