New application for vehicle safety by AICON 3D Systems


MoveInspect-aicon-3dAICON 3D Systems launches a new application in the sector of vehicle safety. The company now offer a solution for seat default and the determination of the H-point in various test scenarios.

Before the dummy is placed into the crash vehicle, different points and angles have to be determined to make sure that the dummy is positioned compliant to construction. One of these figures is the H-Point (hip-point). The H-Point is the pivot point between the torso and the upper legs and defines the theoretical position of the passenger’s hip. It is determined with the help of the H-point manikin according to international regulations.

The H-point manikin is put onto the seat according to the defined procedure. Then, back angle, seat height and longitudinal adjustments are fixed. AICON’s MoveInspect DPS determines the relevant angles and positions online. The MoveInspect system determines the coordinates of the H-point in the object or vehicle coordinate system – thus, the nominal data for the positioning of the dummy is determined. AICON offers suitable adaptations for the manufacturer-specific H-point manikins available on the market, which are automatically identified by the MoveInspect DPS system.