MTL Group Increasing its cutting division


MTL Group, one of the UK’s biggest profiling and laser cutting companies is expanding its D07031130.jpg cutting division to operate on a fully functional 24/7 basis. This capacity has been increased due to an influx of orders to ensure that this high demand is met. According to company Sales Director of MTL Group Karl Stewart: “This increase in capacity means that we can now offer our customers an even faster turnaround for all standard cutting jobs, from the time of the order placed to the material being cut. Our delivery performance is in excess of 98%”

MTL Group boasts thirteen cutting machines, of which include: laser, waterjet, flame cutting and high definition plasma. “To achieve optimum efficiency for our customers, these machines are all located within our 300,000sq.ft manufacturing facility in Rotherham. Increasing capacity in our cutting bay gives us in excess of 2,000 hours per week.” MTL Group currently has nine laser cutting machines. “These machines are capable of cutting a variety of material, from aluminium to carbon steels, with the facility to cut both chamfers and weld preps up to +/-50 degrees,” explains Stewart. In addition to its nine laser cutting machines which includes the UK’s largest bevel laser at 20m long, the company also operates a 12m four head waterjet cutting machine and two twin head large format high definition plasma cutters which have the capacity to cut weld preps up to +/- 45 degrees.