Mondial, a new catalogue to compete on new markets


With its new catalogue, Mondial, the historical distributor of products for mechanical transmissions, intended not only to offer a simple showcase of products to the users and to the market but also solutions to compete in an increasingly competitive panorama where steel plants, steel mills and heavy industry in general are requested to face relevant problems of maintenance of the machinery efficiency and of enhancement of productive performances. Another element worth highlighting for the company, operating since 1946, the reduction of downtimes and unscheduled maintenance operations, to decrease costs and to grant suitable productive levels for markets’ requirements.
The new Mondial catalogue is dedicated to the Mondial product range for the iron and steel industry and represents a fast and complete synthesis of solutions for the different process phases: from the management of raw materials, through continuous casting, up to the finishing machining of the product resulting in rolled sections, steel structural works and tubes. Each phase is introduced by a short text that summarizes its main problems, followed by the description of the components that, in the severe operational conditions imposed by the steel and iron production, better satisfy criteria of longer durability, reliability, capability of withstanding high temperatures, heavy loads and misaligned positioning. To better hit the target, the Milanese company has also worked hard at the graphics, trying to include and to underline the strong points of its proposal in a streamlined volume, so that readers can quickly identify the product that satisfy their needs at best and of which they will afterwards analyse thoroughly technical and applicative characteristics with Mondial technical team.

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