Millutensil technologies at EuroBLECH 2018


Millutensil is one of the world-leading manufacturer in spotting and maintenance, providing safe, ergonomic, accurate, productive and easy-to-use technologies to help streamline the checking and testing of moulds and dies. And as these technologies continue to increase. The die-splitter was developed following customers’ needs to easily handle big moulds, in the sheet metal sector, too. The die-splitter is an innovative, versatile and efficient solution, in line with the increasing automation of the manufacturing process and with the everyday higher safety standards.

It is used for splitting, adjusting, maintenance and try-out operations on dies.

Using Millutensil die-splitters brings a lot of advantages such as:

– Considerable reduction of die production costs thanks to time and workforce efficiency

– Extremely easy die handling, without the use of cranes, forklift trucks or lifting equipment

– Dies of higher quality with longer service life, attained in little time

– Ergonomic positions to work on dies thanks to swivelling and tilting plates

– Streamlined operation through intuitive controls of the next generation Touch Panel.


Programme “Z” Zig-Zag

Millutensil has developed the “Z – Zig-Zag” Programme.  This includes different solutions to save material in manufacturing:

-Zig-zag automatic lines for cutting discs with a press

-Zig-zag feeder machines

-Zig-zag automatic lines for cutting discs with a multi-disc shear

-Zig-zag automatic lines for cutting discs with a laser

Product price compression has become an absolute must for every company. Millutensil is addressing this need with innovative, adequate solutions.

Automatic lines for manufacturing discs with a press

Millutensil manufactures zig-zag automatic lines combined with presses for cutting discs. The line software allows storing the data of the whole feed line for every single mould/production line and automatically invoke and display it on the touch panel screen. Due to the press high speeds, the system ensures significant levels of disc productivity. The systems for manufacturing discs from coils by using presses can be built as follows:

-long line with zig-zag feeder machine

-compact line with straightener/zig-zag feeder machine

-zig – zag feeder machine


Automatic lines for manufacturing discs with a multi-disc shear

Millutensil manufactures zig-zag automatic lines combined with multi-disc shears for cutting discs.

Using a multi-disc shear ensures cutting flexibility in the diameters of the discs to be manufactured.

The machine makes it possible to manufacture discs with different diameters without using any moulds.


Laser cutting automatic lines

Millutensil manufactures laser cutting zig-zag automatic lines. Feed line with uncoiler and straightener machine, belt advance system, laser and stacker consisting of single or double stacking boards. Optimal management of scrap discharge.