Milling that keeps pace with innovation


Reliable, performing and efficient, CNC milling centres designed and manufactured by Goglio Milling Systems, find application both in general engineering and in the die industry. Thanks to their versatility, they allow satisfying the most different operational requirements.

Design and manufacturing of CNC milling machines. For over 40 years this has been the mission of Goglio Milling Systems, activity that today sees the company committed to supplying various sectors, from general mechanics to the die field, with a range of solutions able to satisfy the most different manufacturing requirements. Know-how and competences that, in time, have given birth to 4-, 5- and 6-axis machines, more and more performing and reliable, used in Italy and abroad. «About 70% of our turnover – explains the general manager Roberto Goglio – is installed within the national borders, whereas the remaining part concerns machines intended for Europe, with higher prevalence for France and Holland, where we have been also scoring an interesting and encouraging growth for some time». They are machines implemented in various configurations, i.e.: executions with double column portal (PX series); fixed-piece milling machines with longitudinal and transversal travelling column (TX and NTX series); executions with fixed-table and “T”-shape transversal travelling column (FX series) equipped with a particular system that allows not dealing with a “gravitational fall” of the head (since no slide is present); fixed-table milling machines, with transversal travelling column (RTX series), universal machines with roto-translating tables as standard; big-size milling machines with slide and mobile column (MX series). «Different milling systems – explains Goglio – designed according to common guidelines of symmetricity, structural stiffness, easy access and especially high reliability and efficiency».


The added-value of customization

To provide further technical value to the above-mentioned milling machines, the company features the peculiarity of designing and manufacturing in-house, in its Turin premises, also milling heads and rotary tables. «That operational approach – adds Goglio – allows implementing highly customized machines according to our customers’ requirements. The power, the torque, the revolutions per minute, the stiffness, the reliability, the stability and, at the same time, the flexibility become the indispensable instruments to concretize all the activity carried out by our technical engineering office». Moreover, it is worth highlighting that all positioning groups of the developed heads are independent. Each group is then equipped with its own motor to perform the positioning. «Positioning – further adds Goglio – obtained through front Hirth toothing in the case of indexed positioning heads and that can be performed by means of screw/crown transmission or by “torque” motor. In these cases the positioning is infinitesimal». In case of bi-rotational head, the latter is made of two half-bodies, made of cast iron fusion: the main one is fixed to the platform and rotates integrally with it; the spindle-holding half-body rotates around an axis inclined by 45°, in relation to the platform axis, and can reach automatically 120 or 180 or 360 positions. Moreover, heads can be supplied with a tool refrigeration system through the spindle equipped with its filtering system.


Latest implementation by Goglio

Fruit of this great attention to operational and functional details is also the latest implementation by Goglio, the 5-axis portal milling machine PGX – 5 AX, machine conceived to satisfy the stiffness and dynamics requirements of the most demanding toolmakers. «We are speaking of a machine – underlines Goglio – characterized by a portal structure that grants high stability in roughing operations. In fact, the advantage of using the mobile crossbeam system for the Z-axis, compared to the standard Slide, provides the possibility of mounting Iso40/Hsk63 or Iso50/Hsk100 tapers, depending on the demanded power». Even if it has large linear machining X, Y and Z strokes, respectively of 2,300 x 1,500 x 1,250 mm, the overall dimensions in workshop are reduced and, thanks to the generous openings equipping the casing, the loading is user-friendly. «The machine – adds Goglio – has also been purposely conceived with a self-supporting bed. This to install the machine without needing bulky foundations and anyway maintaining the necessary stiffness and precision requisites for precision machining». Moreover, one of the highlights of the new milling machine resides in the fact of machining all 5 sides of a cube in a single setup, up to a volume of 1,000 x 1,000 x 900 mm. Peculiarity, the latter, made possible exploiting the combination of the 2 rotary axes equipping head and table. The head, with free positioning, grants precision of thousandth of a degree and 7,200 Nm of clamping torque while machining. The 1,200 x 1,000 mm rotary table, it too with continuous positioning, provides instead a loading capacity that can reach 3,000 kg. «All measuring systems supplied – ends Goglio – have a high-frequency digital data transmission, thus making the machine free from any eventual electromagnetic interference».