MG: the advantages of new plate straightening


1418 MG linea SPThe new SP line of straightening machines offer huge advantages. MG machines are able to eliminate all forms of curvature and undulation of the metal sheet plate, with a process of plastic deformation alternated through motorized rollers: a greater number of rollers in the case of thin materials and minor for thicker metal sheets. The new SP line by MG is adapted to the thickness and type of material that needs to be processed. Designed and built with a configuration of 5, 7, 9 rollers (the lower ones are hydraulically controlled), for working metal sheet plates of widths and thickness requested by the customer.1421 MG linea SP

All rolls are made of fully forged steel and then hardened: they are mounted on double spherical roller bearings, sealed and lubricated for life. The driving unit in superimposed rollers is able to facilitate the feeding of the sheet metal plate. To achieve optimal sheet flatness, there must be a perfect combination between the rolls number value, their spacing and diameters. MG machines offer an innovative electronic CNC control system for straightening that allows you to enter different parameters, or to start a new cycle of work by re-running a stored previously saved program.

1425 MG linea SPThe MG Delsy control system has a new, extremely powerful digital engine which delivers a precision of control never before found on a plate straightening machine. This is mainly achieved by the new closed loop system, which constantly monitors the metal sheet and the straightening roll positions.  After setting the thickness, the width and the quality of the material, the work parameters are calculated based on the desired results. MG straightening machines can cater for working widths from 1500 to 3000 mm. with sheet thicknesses from 0.5 to 60 mm.


  1. Initially, we want to produce concrete blocks steel pallets out of HRS plates of 15mm thick from material quality ASTM A36 or equivalent. The pallets will be 1300 x 1400mm in dimension. However, we are envisaging setting up a straightening and leveling line able to handle plates of 2000mm wide with motorized inlet and outlet metal conveyors able to handle steel plates of 12000mm long at the most. here we have in mind to produce material for 40ft long cargo trailer chassis. Our electricity is supplied at 415V/50Hz/3-Phase. Therefore, we request for a proposal incorporating SP straightening line and/or any other equipment under your manufacture that will enable to produce material that shall remain flat and straight forever.

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