MG: Section and tube bending machines


MG supplies innovative hydraulic plate banding and section bending machines, for the production of big ferrules for the oil industry and for the generation of wind power. In these applications of large tube machining, MG machines must cold-bend plates with maximum width of 6 metres and thickness up to 300 mm. We have installed automated machines with a weight of 400 tons and installed power of 450 HP.

MG section bending machines (AR series) are machines for the cold bending of sections with different shapes and sizes. They are used in the metalworking field to bend sections such as tubes, bars, angles, T-sections, U-sections and beams.

The main elements of the machine are the rolls (3 or 4 rolls) that exert on the profile a combination of forces, which determine a deformation along a perpendicular direction as to the axis of the section itself. AR is the series of section benders designed by MG for the bending of sections with high flexural strength modulus.

Customers require specific solutions to MG, for ferrules with big diameter or with variable radii: section bending machines, tube benders and hydraulic plate bending machines. For the production of tubes, we have recently installed a CNC machine with 6-metre length with interchangeable rolls. Our application sectors (aeronautical, shipbuilding, automotive and structural) require always forefront section bending machines, to machine sections with specific shapes and sizes, bent with minimum diameters and very strict tolerances.

Concerning some sizes, our customer satisfies the tube manufacturing with the conventional bending machine while they turn to the plate bending for most of the production, since it is more reliable and performing. The fleet of MG plate bending machines allows meeting at best a broad array of sizes and requirements. The plate bender permits the implementation of the tube ferrule, welded and the calibrated again after the junction. Among the advantages of MG plate bending machines, it is worth mentioning the easy programming and management in production and the ferrule execution speed. Depending on the tube to be manufactured, our customer chooses the most suitable machine for implementing that determinate machining process: ferrule bending or tube re-calibration.

MG creates solutions for any industrial metalworking need, with working width from 500 to 8000 mm, for plate thicknesses from 1 to 300 mm. MG production includes hundreds of models: bending machines, machines with variable axes and plate bending machines with 2, 3 and 4 rolls.