MG: innovative hydraulic section bending machines


AR line by MG are the most innovative hydraulic section bending machines: 3-roll and 4-roll solutions for all types of profile and pipe. MG production covers 14 machine sizes: shaft diameter from 60mm up to 540mm. Section modulus W cm3 from 10 up to 15.000. Our 4-roll profile bending machines improve capacity on bigger diameters, thanks to the wider distance of side rolls. They allow profiling and bending in one step: perfect for serial production. MG machines are optimized for bending I, U and H beams the hard way. The new AR machines are more powerful and heavily proportioned in terms of frame, shaft size, bearings and drive torque. CNC controls and a wide array of options are available for all models. Our bending capacity includes tubes and pipes, angles, U profiles, T bars, double T bars, square bars. With MG you can bend “H” shape beams up to 1000mm.