Meusburger’s E 5152 Sliding guide bush for maintenance-free operation


E 5152 Sliding guide bush for maintenance-free operation meusburgerMeusburger launched the E 5152 Sliding guide bush. In comparison to conventional guide bushes this is especially suitable for a high number of strokes and is glued into the bushes retainer plate. The adhesive is perfectly distributed in the bush through the helical groove. The oil and the solid lubricant in the sinter layer of the sliding guide bush allow for a maintenance-free operation. The oil reaches the sliding surface due to the frictional heat and then retreats back into the sinter layer during the cooling. This results in further advantages like high resistance to wear and very good emergency operating features without additional lubrication. In addition, through the G4 tolerance, the best possible play between pillar and bush is achieved. The E 5152 Sliding guide bush is exchangeable to the DIN 9381 / ISO 9448 standard and is available from stock in the usual high Meusburger quality.