Meusburger: Expansion of the material grades for N / NR bars


Meusburger_N_und_NR_StaebeResponding to customer requirements and increasing its assortment of materials, Meusburger has expanded its range of material grades for the N / NR bars. Meusburger’s N – Standard bars are now available from stock in grades 1.2344, 1.7131 and 3.4365 and the NR – Round bars in grade 1.2714HH.

High-alloy hot-work steel

The material grade 1.2344 is a high-alloy hot work steel. N – Standard bars from this grade are the best choice for hot-working tools, extrusion dies and dies and moulds for plastics processing. When machining this steel grade, continuous corrosion protection needs to be ensured.

Steel for case hardening, ideal for parts that are subject to high wear

The material grade 1.7131 is suitable for case hardening and ideal for parts requiring a core strength of 800 to 1000 N/mm2. Guiding elements, cores and machine parts with high surface hardness are typical applications for this steel grade, as well as synthetic resin press moulds for processing thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. In order to increase their wear and corrosion resistance, Meusburger recommends the hard chroming of N – Standard bars from grade 1.7131.

High-strength aluminium zinc alloy

In the field of aluminium, Meusburger excels at N – Standard bars with the new grade 3.4365, a hardened, high-strength aluminium zinc alloy which offers good machinability and is suitable for structure-etching, EDM and polishing. This material can be used for mould tools and dies with increased requirements on strength and for components for machine and jig construction.

Pre-toughened steel for through-hardening

Meusburger’s NR – Round bars are now also available in material grade 1.2714HH. This steel is pre-toughened to 1350 N/mm2 (43 HRC) and features good heat resistance, hardenability and toughness. 1.2144HH can be used for making mould inserts, cores and slides for die casting (Al, Mg, Zn, etc.) and plastic tools.