Meusburger adds new configuration options for its cutting punches


Meusburger now offers its cutting punches with both TiN and AlCrN coating. This results in a significantly longer service life. In addition the coating reduces the coefficient of friction which results in lower stamping and retracting forces. A further innovation is the precise anti-rotation protection for shape punches with cylindrical head. An exact positioning of the punch is ensured through a parallelism of 0.01 mm between anti-rotation protection on the head and contour. The anti-rotation protection can be 0° or 90° to the contour which enables a flexible installation in the die set. Short lead times are guaranteed through the in-house production.

With the new cutting punches configurator, the standard parts manufacturer offers an easy and time-saving option for the individual design of the cutting punches. This can be accessed from the Meusburger digital catalogues. First the head shape, material, coating and the desired contour with the appropriate anti-rotation protection are selected. Then the diameter, total length, dimensions of the cutting geometry and the cutting edge length can be entered. With just a few mouse clicks the cutting punch can be adapted to the individual requirements and exported to the CAD system as a fully configured component.