Mate’s NEW 1 Micron Optics For High Power Lasers


7444_Mate_Fiber_OpticsEspecially designed for high power fiber laser systems, Mate’s new Fibermax Lens and Fibershield Windows feature OEM approved UV grade fused-silica material. Sizes are available in stock for most OEM brand fiber lasers.

Designed for high performance, Fibermax lenses feature ultra-low absorption coating providing focal stability with less distortion and thermal lensing. They are anti-reflective with tight  tolerances in focal length, edge thickness and diameter. Tight tolerances ensure clear aperture, absorption, reflection and transmission. The anti-reflective design is both strong and durable for long service life.

Mate’s Fibershield Windows are designed with extra durability to handle the harshest manufacturing environment. These AR coated fused silica windows have tight tolerance surfaces, diameter and edge thickness, with clear apertures for maximum absorption and reflection. To ensure a quality cut, these windows have a robust coating that protects against dross, oils and airborne particulates.

Mate’s line of fiber optics is applicable for all 1 micron applications in the 1030 – 1080 Nm range with ultra-low absorption (50 ppm at 1.03 – 1.08 microns), a pinpoint focal length tolerance of ±0.5 percent and laser damage threshold higher than 10J.
Mate’s also offers a complete line of copper/chrome nozzles.