LNS Group unveils SFcompact filtration solution


lns-group-filtration-systemThe Swiss LNS Group, world market leader in machine tool peripherals, has presented a revolutionary fine filtration solution – the SFcompact. “The SFcompact combines more than 30 years of knowledge in designing, manufacturing and servicing chip and coolant management products for the machine tool industry. It is the culmination of years of development and testing – a true high-tech fine filtration solution complementing the rich product portfolio of LNS”, explains Jamie Towers, Global Product Manager CCM at the LNS Group.

Compared to the traditional drum filter conveyors, the SFcompact persuades with its compact dimensions and high filtration efficiency. Mr. Towers: “The floor space used by the SFcompact is 30% less compared to filter drum conveyors, and is easier to integrate – in most cases no special tank is required.” The filtration performance is outstanding: The SFcompact is designed to offer self-cleaning filtration down to 50 microns. It handles most materials and chip types effortlessly. “A patented, automatic dual cleaning system ensures repeatable and reliable filtration.”

The LNS experts designed the SFcompact with one goal in their mind: increasing the overall productivity in a compact format. “With the SFcompact, our customers can improve the filtration efficiency considerably”, explains Towers. Improved filtration efficiency has positive effects for the whole production process: Less chips in the tank result in reduced machine cleanouts and reduced machine downtime. Improved coolant life and reduced machine wear help to minimize coolant and maintenance costs. And last but not least, a cleaner and more efficient coolant leads to improved part finish. Mr. Towers: “All of this adds up to an excellent return on investment for our customers.”

The LNS engineers focused on highest quality materials to make the SFcompact reliable and easy to adjust and service. The filtering module system is totally enclosed and robust. “Hard wearing materials on curves, sprockets, belt rollers and brushes guarantee long component life”, adds Jamie Towers.

The modular construction of the SFcompact makes maintenance very easy. A filter module can be changed in only 30 minutes. Towers: “Serviceability is an important aspect. All the key components are easily accessible, often without removing the conveyor from the machine tool, and all components are widely available through the global LNS network.” The modular system also makes it easy to adapt the filtration flow to the specific manufacturing needs. For example, the number of filter modules used depends on configured coolant flow rate of the machine tool. “The flow rate capability is flexible, meaning we have the same great performance of a drum conveyor but in a more compact and adaptable package”, says Towers.

With the highly successful bar feeder series Tryton, Express, Sprint, QLS and Alpha, the leading chip management systems SFcompact, Turbo HB, Turbo MF and Turbo MH and the broad range of air filtration and coolant management solutions, the LNS Group is the only globally active company with such a diverse product portfolio. The Swiss company is also the only machine tool peripherals specialist that offers a global sales and service network. “We support our customers in automating machine tools to optimize their efficiency in all of their key markets worldwide. Our global network allows us to guarantee flawless service wherever our customers are”, explains Laurent Pham, Marketing Manager of the LNS Group.