Laser systems for customized welding for the chinese automotive industry


Two Chinese companies that supply the local automotive industry have purchased laser systems for the tailor-made welding of components for the bodywork sector. The supplier of the systems is the Swiss company Andritz Soutec, since 2012 belonging to the Austrian Group Andritz- BAIC Motor (Beijing) and PCMI Metal Product (Chongqing) have in fact ordered Soulas laser systems for the linear welding of car components. Each company has a yearly productive capacity of 1,2 million tailor-welded components (TWB).
The laser system for BAIC Motor will be used to implement the C70G, C50E and C60F models produced by the company that belongs to Beijing Automotive Group, the fourth producer of cars in China with over 3.1 million vehicles produced in 2012. This company has an equity participation of Daimler AG.
PCMI Metal Product belongs to the company Panzhihua Iron and Steel, the biggest producer of steel in western China and also the major Chinese producer of vanadium. With the order issued to Andritz Soutec, this company enters the car sector with the metal sheets that it directly produces.