LASER COMPONENTS introduces compact and easy-to-use splicers


laser componentsThe continuing worldwide expansion of FTTH networks requires more and more compact and easy-to-use splicers that are still robust enough to deliver sound and reliable results even in challenging working environments. LASER COMPONENTS introduces the Ninja form FITEL Furukawa. It was specially designed to fulfill these various requirements, whether for use in close quarters, under insufficient lighting, or at different working heights (ladders, stages, platforms, etc.) indoors or at a construction site, for example.

There are three main advantages. It is easy to use, robust and easy to maintain. Despite its compact size, the area around the splice was designed to be four times larger than in previous units to provide the user with ample space to position the fiber. Three integrated LEDs ensure that the area around the splice is well lit even in dark surroundings.

Four rubber buffers at the edges of the housing provide optimal protection against damage from a fall or other impact. In addition, this unit is water and dust resistant (protection class IP52).

The Ninja is the first unit on the market to have removable V grooves. In addition, the splicing electrodes can be replaced without tools and the fibers are aligned without a mirror, similar to its predecessors.