Laser components’ different laser diodes



With an emission wavelength from 520 nm at up to 120 mW, Laser Components included three different laser diodes in its product range. Space saving and efficient – therefore made for embedded solutions: The small PL 520 monomode laser diode brings you one step closer to mobile projection. It is an efficient laser source in both cw and pulsed operation: in cw operation, this green laser diode, which comes in a TO-38 ICut housing, has an output power of 50 mW. In addition to embedded solutions, it is also perfectly suited for use in cameras and head-up displays.

The PLT5 520 model can do even more: with the same characteristics as the PL 520, this laser diode is housed in a somewhat larger TO-56 housing because a photodiode for power control purposes is also integrated. Both versions feature a high modulation bandwidth.

The green PLP 520 multimode laser diode is used, for example, in laser projectors in home entertainment systems. The output power is 120 mW. The beam quality meets the highest demands. The compact TO-56 housing features an improved thermal stability. With this laser diode, you will be well equipped for applications that require high efficiency!