Italy and Tunisia collaborate in the agro-food sector


63A new step to increase the collaboration between Italy and Tunisia in the agro-food sector has been made, as Ansamed reports. The ENAMA-Delta Desk has been opened at Tunis’s Delta Center to foster the development of ”Security and Quality in Agriculture for the Middle East and Africa”. The opening came after an agreement to develop engineering and agriculture in Africa and the Middle East was signed between ENAMA, an Italian organisation for farm mechanisation, and Delta Center, a consultancy firm developed by Italian and Tunisian entrepreneurs and professionals.

The ceremony was held in the presence of Undersecretary for the Agricultural Policies Ministry Giuseppe Castiglione, the Italian ambassador to Tunis, Raimondo De Cardona, ENAMA chief Sandro Liberatori and Delta Center head Sandro Fratini. Several aspects of job security and environmental safety were discussed during the presentation, as well as security of agricultural production, which is at the basis of ENAMA activities in Italy and the world. ”These are the initiatives that solve well-known problems through the transfer of Italian know-how for the development of agricultural mechanization in Tunisia and the resulting increase in job opportunities,” said Undersecretary Castiglione. Agro-food, agro-industry and agro-energy are sectors experiencing constant growth in Tunisia and are a key to Mediterranean integration for enterprises willing to invest in them, the presentation stated.