Hydraulic press for automotive


Gigant Italia has recently successfully completed the installation of one hydraulic press of 16.000kn at the new plant of eurodies italia in avigliana (to). This last installation aimed at integrating the existing production line of Gigant hydraulic presses, increases significantly the capacity for automotive molds production applied to bodywork parts and the pre-series for the main automotive makers, i.e. BMW, Audi and Mercedes. This project reinforces eurodies’s leading position in its own market.
gigant1This installation integrates the most recent technological innovations in press design: i.e. the compact structure, the inherent safety system and the proprietary Gigant software program. The Gigant proprietary software program is user-friendly and includes several new functions that have been developed for this type of Try-Out hydraulic press. In addition to the main RAM effect, the third upper and the lower blank-holder controls are of the active type. The contemporary use of multiple effects does not produce either an increase of the installed electrical power, nor an increase of the energy consumption; in fact the different effects use the same motor-pump group: the plant maintain a constant energy consumption in each press cycle, and by employing the hydraulic flow rate where necessary, once the pressure is attained.

The Gigant hydraulic presses for automotive sector, are provided of a progressive lower cycle which allows the operator to visually monitor the metal sheet deformation within the mold, while in complete safety conditions. The Gigant hydraulic press is equipped with dedicated accessories like moving bolster (molds-holder) with a max allowable load of 50.000 kg and a lower cushion with working stroke of 600mm, to perform deep-drawing operations. The design of the machine is aimed at the operator’s work easiness, during the everyday uses of the press: i.e. high accessibility of all working areas, a significant reduction of the hydraulic plant generated noise and/or due to the maintenance activities; all hydraulic blocks are positioned on the upper press side, the pumps are not submerged into the hydraulic fluid and the commercial components are selected within the highest quality standards available on the market. The electrical cabinet is located on the ground and is provided with led auto-diagnosis and a last generation software, which in real time, monitors the oleo-tronic parameters and, if connected remotely via web, allows a direct intervention of a Gigant technician from the headquarters.


  1. we are looking second hand or original (not second hand ) side Hydraulic press for automotive.
    Can you help me. İf you decide to help , ı would like to ask you to submit your proposal.



  2. Dear Mr. Sevim,

    It is a pleasure to receive your inquiry.

    Gigant produces customised hydraulic presses since 60 years and the automotive industrial sector is one of the main field of application.
    Our hydraulic presses are designed on a range from 400 up to 30.000kN for the sheet metal deformation and cutting. The main industrail processes involved consist on deep-drawing and redrawing, hydro-forming and hot forging.

    We invite you to visit our website http://www.gigant-industries.com and for any specific request concerning your inquiry you can write an e-may to the following address: sales@gigant-industries.com.

    Best regards.

    The Commercial team.

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