Horizon 2020


Horizon2020Innovation and scientific research are generally humus for new businesses and new employment. The European Frame Programme for Research and Innovation (2014 – 2020), more commonly known as Horizon 2020, moves from this natural and simple truth. An instrument that provides appropriations for about 80 billion Euros, conceived by the European union to give answers to the world economic crisis, giving new boost to the scientific research and to the industrial activity, helping companies to further develop their productive possibilities and the capability of innovating in several ambits.

Who can participate
Compared with the 7th Framework Programme, not only legal entities will have the possibility of participating in Horizon 2020 calls (international organizations, enterprises, research centres and universities, etc …), but also entities without legal personality and the “non-profit legal entities”.

Some numbers
Horizon makes available a total amount of 79 billion Euros for the seven years of the 2014-2020 programme, of which 15 billion Euros will be paid for the first two years, 2014 and 2015. In this first phase, Horizon 2020 will contribute in supporting the European economy and in promoting the improvement of people life focusing the research activity on 12 different areas: healthcare and customized assistance, food safety, sea exploitation, digital safety, “smart cities”, green energy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, waste disposal, water exploitation, ideas to overcome the economic crisis, environmental, climatic and social protections. The Programme finances the projects granting the 70% coverage of the total cost. Nevertheless, the research projects will receive the total 100% coverage (20% flat rate for indirect costs). In December 2013 the European Commission officially presented the first 64 calls to which it is already possible to gain access.

To know more
http://ec.europa.eu/research/horizon2020/index_en.cfm (Official Site of the Commission
http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/home.html (Official site on the calls of Horizon 2020 Participant Portal)