High-Tech Gundrilling Center with improved milling capabilities


High-Tech Gundrilling Center with improved milling capabilitiesThe new machine MF1450BB by IMSA, exhibited in BI-MU, constitutes the latest concept evolution of Series BB, range of high-tech gundrilling centers which has been very successful among manufacturers of molds having complex waterlines.

IMSA customers expressed the wish of a drilling center that could better support the needs of their productive departments thanks to performing milling capabilities, for all preliminary and completion operations in respect to angled deep holes. In response to this compelling request, among the new “BB-Evo” Series, the gundrilling center MF1450BB is equipped with a new milling head module, ISO50, 23 kW, 6000 rpm, water-cooled. Machine rapid traverse feed rates have also been increased of 50%.milling-capabilities-improved

The travels in approach to the workpiece have been increased, and result in much better reachability of table center. A translation movement for the table has been added in order to facilitate 4-side machining (an advantage both while machining small molds/blocks, and when dealing with large molds/blocks).

The machine gun drilling capabilities constitute the central feature for the ROI of a machine of this kind. Thanks to the improved mechanics, also gundrilling performances of the new gundrilling center MF1450BB are increased in respect to previous models. Gundrill spindle is water-cooled, has 11 kW power and 4200 rpm speed.