High quality milling, standard and special

View of Rtx 40 milling machine with fixed bed and mobile column
View of Rtx 40 milling machine with fixed bed and mobile column

Headquartered in Turin, Goglio Milling Systems designs and manufactures CNC milling machines used in general mechanics, aerospace and in the mould and die sector. They are 4-5 and 6-axis machines, always developed according to precise standards aimed at enhancing their reliability and operational versatility.
«A production – states the owner Roberto Goglio – conceived according to the most advanced technologies, from torque motors with infinitesimal positioning to the adopted electronics and the very stiff structure. A philosophy based on competences and experience, as well as an intense research and development activity aimed at customizing the machine according to customers’ precise specifications».
Expertise that allows the company Goglio Milling Systems to design and to manufacture in-house the machine core, too, that is to say machining heads, rotary tables and all those components deemed exclusive that can equip the machine. The latter, mounted on a milling machine, can in fact become a precious component for determinate applications. Often considered a simple accessory that widens the machine capacity, the continuous rotary table represents instead for Goglio a real added value system.

Roberto Goglio, owner of Goglio Milling Systems in Turin
Roberto Goglio, owner of Goglio Milling Systems in Turin

«We design and manufacture our rotary tables – adds Goglio – to be sure that they are up to our machines. With the same attention and commitment we constantly try also to reduce both mechanical and electronic components equipping our machines, to improve their global output both in terms of efficiency and of reliability».
A winning choice, consolidated by over 20 years of activity and by machines supplied both in Italy and abroad. Highly customized solutions composing a product offer consisting of the following series: Px, milling machines with gantry configuration with double column, on which can be mounted electrospindles with performances ranging from 10,000 rpm 31 kW, 193 Nm to 22,000 rpm 28 kW and 80 Nm; fixed-table machines series Tx, milling machines with stationary workpiece and longitudinal/cross column, configurable in several solutions; they are instead cross mobile column models the milling machines belonging to the Fx series, equipped with a particular system that allows avoiding the management of a “gravitational fall” of the head, since the ram is not present.
«In addition to these ranges – adds Goglio – I would like to signal also the series of Rtx milling machines with fixed bed and mobile column. Machines standing out for their great flexibility and production capacity. Equipped with continuous rotary table as standard, instead of with fixed rectangular table, they are provided (still as standard, editor’s note) with an automatic bi-rotational head that allows the widest flexibility while machining».
Quality granted at process level, too, with the possibility of machining 5 sides with a single setup and a single piece clamping. As completion of its range, Goglio proposes also the range of ram-type milling machine with mobile column on the ground called Mx.
«In this case – ends Goglio – they are milling machines with certain sizes, structured to couple rigidity, precision and unperceivable ram fall management. Machines that we can manufacture for heavy stock removals, too. As in the case of a special execution, strongly structured and recently manufactured upon specification of one of our Italian customers operating in the mould and die industry».