Goglio Milling machines


Design and manufacturing of CNC milling machines. For over 40 years this has been the mission of Goglio Milling Systems, activity that today sees the company committed to supplying various sectors, from general mechanics to the die field, with a range of solutions able to satisfy the most different manufacturing requirements.

Know-how and competences that, in time, have given birth to 4-, 5- and 6-axis machines, more and more performing and reliable, used in Italy and abroad. They are machines implemented in various configurations, i.e.: executions with double column portal (PX series); fixed-piece milling machines with longitudinal and transversal travelling column (TX and NTX series); executions with fixed-table and “T”-shape transversal travelling column (FX series) equipped with a particular system that allows not dealing with a “gravitational fall” of the head (since no slide is present); fixed-table milling machines, with transversal travelling column (RTX series), universal machines with roto-translating tables as standard; big-size milling machines with slide and mobile column (MX series).

To provide further technical value to the above-mentioned , the Goglio Milling Systems features the peculiarity of designing and manufacturing in-house, in its Turin premises, also milling heads and rotary tables.