Flexibility aids clamping force readings


Force Products offers their Force Gauge tool with greater flexibility for gathering actual lbs/tonnage force data from many shop floor situations. A rugged lightweight hand held anodized aluminum body instrument.

  • Hexagonal shape allows for 3 point or 2 point linear force readings.
  • Large diameter gauge face which reads direct lbs of force exerted in the situation being analyzed.
  • A quick and easy way to know exactly the clamping force in a 3 jaw lathe chuck setup, as the hydraulic pressure gauge on the machine tool will not deliver a close repeatable value immediately at he jaw/part contact point.This feature alone saves time and money due to less scrap, and very quick re-setup of a repeating job, where an out of round condition is not acceptable.
  • ½-13 tapped holes on each of the six faces, (the monitor armature included), allow for direct mounting into a static setup such as the end of a hydraulic press arbor, give the operator an accurate direct force reading.
  • Available in 3 different lbs. per sq. inch ranges. 0-1000, 0-5000, and 0-15000.