Fiat Chrysler will invest $2B in minivan


sergio_marchionneFiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ferrari is investing $2 billion in developing the next generation minivan and the retooling of the Windsor Assembly Plant. Ceo Sergio Marchionne said: “Once we determine whether we build it or not.” He said if the decision was in the affirmative, the new Chrysler Town and Country would be the most technologically advanced minivan any manufacturer has ever built.

Marchionne had thoughts about car-sharing, which is something that Mercedes and Ford have embraced in North America: does the popularity of car sharing and rental cars when needed especially among young people worry him?
“In the American market, especially among core consumers, they will be untouched. The distances here dictate a personal relationship between owner and car,” Marchionne said. “We don’t look at oil; we look at CO2 (regulations). It’s a painful thing but needed. We can comply but at a cost. “