EuroBlech, Dalcos: Lxn vision, automatic laser cutting system


dallanDalcos presents LXN vision: the new automatic coil-fed laser cutting system that is versatile, highly efficient e and easy to use. LXN is equipped with fiber laser source, for maximum production speed and high energy efficiency, and thanks to the integrated Vision system, the machine guarantees the maximum accuracy. With its Vision system, Dalcos LXN processes single sheets (up to 14 meters long), and continuous coils in the easiest way; it is therefore ideal both for the most flexible productions, and for the manufacturing of large batches in an automatic process offering maximum versatility. This exclusive technology allows for the material utilization up to 100%, processing material until the edges and reaches the highest level of efficiency.The automatic process cycle allows for continuous process up to 24 hours with just one coil: thanks to the speed of the fiber laser and the simultaneous loading and unloading, Dalcos LXN vision offers the highest real production rates.

EuroBlech, HALL 11, STAND C18