Elesa presents ELEROLL, the new range of modular roller tracks for idle handling


???????????????????????The new range of ELEROLL modular roller tracks for idle handling by Elesa S.p.A. gives the possibility of creating, easily and quickly, sliding or containment benches for several sectors, such as feeding and discharging benches in machinery construction, storage and picking systems, packaging machinery.

The main components of the roller tracks are the sliding elements. These can be either rollers or balls, in order to better meet the specific needs of the application.  The roller elements (RLT-U) are made of black polyamide based technopolymer, which guarantees high loading capacity, or of grey anti-scratch and anti-trace thermoplastic polyurethane, particularly suitable for handling delicate materials, and with a high shock resistance. The ball elements (RLS-U), are made of white acetal resin based technopolymer, and are ideal for moving materials in any direction.

The main features of ELEROLL rollers are modularity, ease of substitution, sliding properties, quietness, and high loading capacity. Regarding modularity, the special section of the profile allows snap-in assembly of the roller without the need for screws or other fastening devices, for easy assembly of the components inside the appropriate anodized aluminium profiles. About substitution, the roller and ball elements can be easily removed and replaced, without the need to disassemble the whole track, and with the possibility of reusing the aluminium profile. For sliding and quiet operation, the special technical performance of the materials used, means that it is possible to reduce friction to the minimum, ensuring easy sliding and quiet operation of the rollers, in addition to eliminating the need for lubrication maintenance. Concerning high loading capacity, the rollers guarantee a high loading capacity, with a maximum load of 360 N (PA rollers) and 150 N (TPU rollers) for each individual roller.

A wide range of modular polyamide base technopolymer accessories – from brakes to containment edges, from headers to supports, and to brackets -, means that ELEROLL roller tracks are suitable for the most varied applications, helping to improve positioning, functionality, and safety.


  1. Hello,

    We are interested in your ELEROLL modular roller tracks for our packaging area. Initially, we may need about 750 ‘ of track.

    Is there any pricing available, along with a specifications sheet? Our location in the USA is Oneonta, NY 13820

    Thank you.


  2. Hello,
    thank you for your interest showed in our ELEROLL!

    To know more about them, please contact our USA branch at elesainfo@elesausa.com

    They will forward your request to a techical expert!

    Thank you again and have a nice day,
    Federica from Elesa Italy

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