Electro-upsetting and electroforming


Bertoloni & Botturi S.r.l. has been operating in the hot steel forming for 50 years, with notable experience in all steels including very though materials like titanium, all stainless steels, the Inconel Nitronic, Monel and Nimonic superalloys and, recently, also aluminium alloys. Besides, it carries out NC machining (3 NC lathes, max turning ø 350×1500; 2 pallet-change machining centres, 400x400x600 machining area) or standard (drilling, milling, rolling, threading) that can avoid counterproductive intermediate steps between die maker and end-user.
The main machining process made available for customers is the electro-upsetting and the electro-forming, even partial. The quality and the characteristics of electro-formed parts, like resistance to fatigue and to collisions and the high structural uniformity make it an ideal and exclusive product for countless applications: motor shafts, shafts, gears, pinions, tie rods, flanges, special screws or whatever other component upon customer’s design that can be hot formed, both made of steel and aluminium.
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Bertoloni & Botturi S.r.l is specialized in the electro-upsetting of very long shafts with complex shapes and delivers completely finished products. The company machines all types of materials, including very though ones, difficult to be formed, suitable for the petrochemical sector, too.
The main market sectors addressed by the company are: textile and agricultural machinery, motion transmission, earth handling, industrial and wind power reduction gears, petrochemical, lifting.